Wedding Flowers in Summer: The Best Choice for Bouquet & Decor

25 June 2020

There is so much to think about when it comes to choosing flowers for your special day: Which flowers are in season; which color scheme to go for; which flowers will last longest; which flowers suit your budget?

This guide can help you narrow down your options and pick the best blooms for your summer wedding.

Which flowers are in season for a summer wedding?

Which flowers go best with my color scheme?

Bright & colorful: Ranunculus and peonies come in a variety of bold colors – perfect for that splash of color. Choose an explosion of mixed colors or mix and match a few according to your other chosen decor.

Pretty pastels: Sweet peas, garden roses, dahlias, peonies, and hydrangeas all offer big blooms in pastel colors for a subtler scheme. Pink and blue are popular hues, mixed with rose gold or copper.

Farmhouse rustic: Rustic-looking bouquets often include more greenery than usual, and opt for smaller, delicate wildflowers. Think lavender, chamomile daisies, and baby’s breath tied together loosely with natural twine.

Light & delicate: Choose well-matched cream and white–colored garden roses or peonies, with a few oversized dahlias to make a classy statement. Another popular choice is white ranunculus with eucalyptus leaves for that classic, fairytale look.

Which flowers are best for a bouquet/decor?

Bouquet: Since the bridal bouquet is held mostly in the bride’s hands rather than standing in water, it’s important to consider which blooms will last well on a warm summer’s day. In this respect, garden roses and dahlias are hardier than hydrangeas or peonies.
Another aspect to consider is the wedding dress. Delicate or lacy styles match best with delicate flower bouquets, whereas plainer styles of gown can be complimented with oversized blooms of varying colors. Whichever you opt for, be sure to choose the flowers after the dress and location.

Decor: Bigger blooms such as virginia stocks and hydrangeas can create more impact at first glance and add more color to a room – or alternatively, you could go for smaller flowers such as sweet peas or lavender to create a more delicate look. Ultimately, it’s your choice how to style the room.

Agapanthus Multiple small flowers to one stem, most commonly lilac-colored

Garden Roses Soft and puffy rose species; commonly peach, cream, or baby pink–colored

Ranunculus Beautiful rose-like flowers with a flatter, circular shape; huge variety of colors

Dahlias Come in a huge variety of colors; choice of bigger ‘fluffier’ petals or smaller pointier petals

How can I make the most of my flower budget?

For a small flower budget: Try to get maximum impact with minimum spending. Chose fewer, bigger blooms – such as dahlias or hydrangeas –, which create an expansive bouquet without buying dozens of stems, then mix in less expensive greenery and baby’s breath for visual interest.
For table centerpieces, try putting a duo of stems into small vases or glass bottles instead of buying a larger centerpiece for every table. Place the bridal bouquet into water on the head table to bring the flowers back to life and save on an extra centerpiece.

For a medium flower budget: Choose whether to focus on spending more to get exactly the flowers you want for your bouquet and centerpieces, or whether to maximize your budget by choosing less expensive blooms and spreading them plentifully throughout the ceremony and reception decorations.
Try sticking with one kind of bigger, cheaper flower for uniform decorations – such as virginia stocks or affordable rose species – then use the main part of your flower budget for the bridal bouquet. Most popular is a generous mix of dahlias, peonies, ranunculus, and garden roses.

Budget? What Budget? If money is no object, you can really have fun with your flower design. Why not design a flower arch, or even a flower wall, to have as your focal point? Not only does this give you the perfect fairytale look, you can also enjoy the heavenly fragrances wafting through the air.
You can also place flowers at every turn! Choose individual arrangements for the guest book table, the gift table, and the cake table, all the while not skimping on stems. With a big flower budget, you can choose practically any flower to adorn your special day.


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