Join us at SUMMIT 2024: Early Bird tickets still on sale!

29 May 2024

SUMMIT 2024 will bring together stakeholders from across the global value chain to cover a wide spectrum of developments, trends, and challenges facing farming and supply chains in the agriculture, aquaculture, and floriculture sectors.


A range of additional activities, including evening events, farm/retail visits, and the SUMMIT Awards will also take place at the highly-anticipated event – with discounted Early Bird tickets now available!

Looking forward to our biggest event of the year

“Poland not only offers a culturally rich environment to visit, but also represents a significant European producer of a diverse range of agricultural products, from grains and vegetables to fruits and fish,” says FoodPLUS GmbH managing director Dr. Elme Coetzer-Boersma.

“As we continue to develop our new smart farm assurance solutions for environmental sustainability and workers’ well-being, we are fully aware of the numerous challenges that the industry is facing – with evolving legal requirements and rising consumer expectations increasing scrutiny on market claims. At SUMMIT 2024, we’ll take a deep dive into crucial topics such as greenwashing, labels, and legislation.”

A new generation of smart farm assurance solutions

The three-day event will also cover the latest developments in GLOBALG.A.P. solutions and the consumer-facing GGN label, including opportunities for the increasing integration of innovative technology to aid producers at farm level.

“We still believe that our standards set long-term, scientifically sound frameworks for producers, and the implementation of safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices remains a core topic. However, the changing landscape in which we live means we must talk about transformation and productivity in the same sentence.

We also need to link this with enablers at farm level: Who and what can help producers farm more efficiently and responsibly while demonstrating continuous improvement and complying with the ever-growing list of requirements? We believe innovation and technology are the way forward, and at SUMMIT 2024, we will showcase the latest and greatest in each sector,” explains Dr. Coetzer-Boersma.

Alignment on the path to a more sustainable future

Further details, alongside the launch of a dedicated SUMMIT 2024 website, will follow in the coming weeks. Dr. Coetzer-Boersma summarizes:

“This is the event where we bring producers and suppliers together with buyers and certifiers. This is the event to explore the latest smart solutions on the market. This is the event where we can tackle the challenges the industry is facing with a new-found sense of coherence.”

Event information, tickets and contact

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